Alisah Creative Writing

Amy Lisa Holmes at Alisah Creative has, to date, written and published one novel, has another in the first draft stage, is halfway through writing three more and has extensive plans for at least another ten. And pretty much every night, she has an outlandish dream which inspires yet more plot ideas. It’s one big whirlwind of creative mayhem!


Prue Peppiatt’s Dreams

‘Prue Peppiatt’s Dreams’ is a fantasy series about a girl called Prue. The series kicks off with the first novel, Amy’s début; ‘In Shengale Forest‘, which will soon be for sale on the kindle.


In Shengale Forest (Blurb)

Prue Peppiatt is just like any other teenage girl… Except that she spent her eighteenth birthday in a coma.

When Prue wakes up as a ghost, she thinks that’s the weirdest thing that will ever happen to her. Fast forward a bit and she is forced to reconsider, once she’s been sucked through a magical portal and is flung, unsuspecting, into a whole new magical world. She finds herself standing on the edge of Shengale Forest, with only a telepathic horse for company. This horse says he will take her to the Kingdom of Astronesia where she might be able to find a magical so-and-so to send her home.

But in a world of telepathic horses, runaway princes with a hero complex, jealous witches with a flair for the dramatics, vengeful dwarves with a taste for a willingly sacrificed heart, and slightly delusional flautists, nothing is that simple. Not to mention the Beautiful Belle and Beastly Lucas’ untimely arrival, or the giant trolls who are oddly territorial when it comes to bridges.
Prue is so busy donning the boots of a heroine that she almost forgets that at some point she will have to go home. And then there’s that nasty little detail… She has amnesia. Prue can’t remember the past seven months before she woke up in corporeal form and has no idea why her body back home is lying in a coma. With her memories returning to her in dreams, will she remember what happened, before she is sent back.

cropwmComing Up

Amy is now working on the second novel in the Prue Peppiatt series, ‘In Dunmore Castle’. She will also be releasing artwork based on her characters and the magical world of Astronesia.

As well as the Prue Peppiatt series, Amy is also working on many (many, many) spin-off stories – some short and some novel-length – which dip in and out of Astronesia and the lives of Prue and her friends. There are fairies, magical statues, witches, highwaymen and extraordinary pets, all to come. Not to mention the tale of Bibby-Mook, which is being released chapter-by-chapter on this very site.





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