In the Entertainment Industry? It’s You or Them

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I cannot wait to take the plunge and properly start my business. There are many reasons for this:

  1. I have ambition
  2. I have ideas
  3. I crave success
  4. I want to leave some kind of mark on the world – is ‘legacy’ too strong?
  5. I want my future to be in my hands
  6. I want to do what I enjoy – Working fulltime, that’s eight hours a day and forty hours a week, at least. Why spend that time being an employee in a job I don’t enjoy, when I could be doing something I love?
  7. I have had some bad experiences as an employee and would love to become the amazing boss I never had
  8. I love to create
  9. I want to build a solid foundation that will make enough money to support me and my family
  10. I want to make certain people proud of me – not least, myself!

Sounds good to me. That is a fairly rose-tinted list, I admit, but I am fully aware of the hard work, dedication, sleepless nights and all manner of other hardships that come hand-in-hand with starting your own company. Bring it on. One attraction of being your own boss is that you take control of your own future and have the liberty of calling the shots, which may not be possible when you work for others. You have the potential to earn more money and the opportunity to increase your revenue by hiring employees. It’s also a great way of being able to do something you love; you can even turn your hobby into a business. Identify what skills you possess that can be sold as a service.

These can be your best and most marketable assets. If you’ve been working in the entertainment industry but want to start your own company, what are your options? Look at your experience, skills and knowledge of your industry. What can you bring to the table? Whatever sector you are in, you can find a way of turning it into a business. Take what you already do and expand on it so that you are offering a brilliant service or product. Team up with other people or hire employees, so that you can capitalise on your combined skills – not to mention contacts.


  • Teach a dancing class. You can visit schools or hire your own studio. If you have a dance studio, you can also make money from other dance teachers using your space to teach other genres of the discipline
  • You could form a dance company and tour across the country performing your own shows
  • Become a dance movement therapist
  • Become a choreographer


  • If you have a head for business and you know what sells, you could open a publishing house or literary agency
  • Use your writing skills to teach writing courses, or start an agency for either proofreading, editing, writing books, copywriting or screenwriting
  • If you love books, then become a bookbinder, restorer or even a bookseller


  • Start a drama/acting school
  • Become an event entertainer – comedian, magician, tribute act etc. You can be hired to provide entertainment at weddings, corporate events, festivals, parties. You may have to start small, but with hard work, dedication and talent, you could eventually tour with your own show


  • General or social – weddings and portraits
  • Advertising and editorial – advertisements, magazines and photo libraries
  • Press and photojournalism – newspapers and other news publications
  • Fashion – photographing models and clothing for magazines and catalogues
  • Corporate (industrial/commercial) – company promotional material
  • Scientific or medical – recording scientific research, or medical conditions and treatments
  • Fine arts – from landscapes to architecture, sold to members of the public


  • Lyricist
  • Composer
  • Write and produce musicals
  • Give instrument lessons
  • Start a recording company


  • Start a company in graphic design, web design, media services, costume design or set/exhibition design
  • You could also open an art gallery, become an art restorer, art valuer or art therapist
  • Set up a company, providing artwork in your niche(s); be it illustration, paintings, sculpture etc.
  • Start a fashion line in clothing, jewellery, costume etc.
  • Start a company providing theatrical makeup artists and hair stylists


  • Set up a film or television Production Company
  • Make advertisement videos for companies
  • Make trailers for films
  • Make TV/Internet documentaries or programmes


  • Teach singing classes
  • Become a music therapist
  • Become a vocal coach


  • Start an events company
  • Use your practical skills to become a prop maker
  • Instrument maker or repairer
  • Entertainment/Talent Agency – Representing actors, singers, musicians, TV presenters, writers or speciality performers such as lookalikes or voiceover artists. Clients can range from new acts to major stars
  • Printing company – printing books, scripts musical scores etc.

Identify a niche – something that isn’t being done that is needed, or something that is already available but could be improved. Make it unique to you. Do it differently. Have a motto/philosophy/mission statement. Have a burning passion for what you do. Ensure that there is market for your business. Network and collaborate. You can start off as a sole trader and later form a limited company or a partnership. Now, that’s a lot of choice and suffice it to say, I haven’t chosen yet.

Right now I am copywriting for small businesses; blogging for myself; publishing and promoting my own novel; illustrating, publishing and promoting a children’s book; organising various book launches; and working as a digital and social media apprentice. With training and more experience, in the future I could open a publishing house, run an editorial service, teach an illustrating course, set up an event-planning business or become an SEO consultant. Oh the possibilities! But first, let’s see where tomorrow takes us.

Did you spot anything in my list that has made you think, “I could do that”? Did you think of anything that could be added to that list?

If you want to do it, do it! Do the research, get the knowledge and skills, make the business connections, get the funding, start your business!


2 thoughts on “In the Entertainment Industry? It’s You or Them

  1. Reblogged this on theactresschronicles and commented:
    Really fantastic points. Take your dreams and make them a reality, folks. Take your future into your own hands, regardless of what it is you want to do. From the sciences to the arts. Stop waiting for someone to hand you an opportunity and start creating your own. Small businesses are the backbone of our economy and provide jobs for hundreds of thousands of people across the country. Take control of your life.


    The Aspiring Actress.


    • Thank you Aspiring Actress, both for your comment and the reblog. It’s true that if you wait for things to happen, life will pass you by. Let’s make our own opportunities. It starts with a dream 😉

      – ALH @ AC


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