Collaborate to Grow



I am in the early stages of my career and where life will take me, I do not know. What I do know however, is that I am going to take control of my future to the best of my ability. When I do not have the required knowledge or skill, I will endeavour to master it, or find people who can help me. It’s all about collaboration, especially in the creative industry. You cannot do everything by yourself.

Take me – I’m a writer, author, (very new!!) blogger, artist, illustrator; the list goes on but it’s long-winded and wordy and will probably bore you. While I can paint and draw and all of that nonsense, I am, by my own admission, a rubbish photographer. So any photos of my paintings and illustrations are not fully capturing what I am trying to depict – namely, my own magnificent (haha) skill and the beauty of the piece itself. These photos are blurry, wonky, with bad lighting and the odd finger thrown in at the edge of the frame.

I need to sort it out! I know several photographers; I’m just too lazy to gather all of my work into one place for it to be photographed properly. But I need a lovely portfolio, so this, I must do! Once I get my act together and work with a photographer to properly portray my artwork, then my portfolio will magically grow overnight and people will actually be able to see what I’ve been up to – and may even (fingers crossed) like my paintings enough to tell other people and maybe even buy one. Is it wrong to say that? Nah, we’re all here because we want to further our careers in some way.

On another note, the children’s book that I am currently illustrating, I am also promoting and designing (this is on top of my full-time job, so I am unable to dedicate the time I would like). But the other day, in a conversation with an animator/director/designer/all-round-creative-genius, I came to realise that there are so many more possibilities to be explored with the project, which I am not capable of doing – at least, not yet. Unfortunately I do not have all of the know-how, experience or resources to accomplish all of the ideas bursting from my head. But that seems to be about to change…

So here’s the deal, Mister Creative Genius will teach me a few tricks and skills and help me put things together and in the future, I will help him with some of his ventures – which is brilliant for me because he is an amazing man to work with and I want to get involved with his projects.

Collaboration. Networking. Making friends. Finding common interests. Enhancing each other’s skills. Adding to each other’s knowledge. Doing favours. It’s not as difficult as I used to think – back when I was a few shades greener and a lot more shy than I am today.

You never know where all this will take you, but I am eager to get out there and do it. If you collaborate, you will grow, which is what I intend to do!



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