Amy Lisa Holmes



Amy Lisa Holmes1


Amy Lisa Holmes at Alisah Creative is a writer and artist, among other things (including but not limited to; a wannabe racing-driver, cornet player, accomplished whistler, chocoholic, obsessive reader and apprentice media extraordinaire).


Amy Lisa Holmes lives in the Shorts Building, a newly restored building in which the Shorts Brothers designed the airships for development in the neighbouring Cardington Hangers for WW1. The heritage of the building and the founding of her home village, Shortstown, is something Amy is proud to have a connection with. She believes everything starts with a good story.



Although she endured the trials and tribulations of working in retail for years, Amy has always known that her true calling is to write – fantasy novels in particular. She wrote her first proper story at the age of nine – an assignment for school. Her step-dad stayed up with her all night to ensure that her three little piggies found the four-leaf clover and made decent use of their good luck. From that, followed many more short stories, until she finally took the plunge and started her first full-length novel, ‘Prue Peppiatt’s Dreams – In Shengale Forest’, at the age of 17.



Amy has always been a fan of beautiful things. She first started painting properly during her A-levels at school. Her first oil painting masterpiece was a portrait of a family friend. She used to spend all of her free periods in the art room, painting away. She also loves making things and is often trying her hand at new crafty works as she embarks on the (never ending) task of decorating her flat.


Random Stuff

Amy is an expert at losing her car in London, being pushed off the Transporter Bridge in Middlesbrough (technically she was supposed to bungee jump, but tried to chicken out and ended up being slam dunked off the edge), losing her glasses in Milton Keynes (she thinks), whistling like a farmer, eating too much chocolate and losing her inhibitions after one sniff of wine.



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